Sharing a new discovered infographic


Hi there,
I came across one of your pages just now when I was actively looking for information regarding data protection and safety.
Love it!I am very happy to find two or three helpful insights while reading your content. I’m sure this content of yours has helped a lot of people with data security concerns.
If you’re interested, I saw this awesome infographic about the same topic and found it very appealing and visually informative:
Undoubtedly, we share an essential interest in the importance of data safety at all times – that’s why I had to reach out, make you aware of the infographic and get it in front of your readers.
I found this very useful and I hope you will too. I really think it would be a great addition to your page as a recommended reading or an informational image.
Either way, keep up the great work! Thank you for your time.
Stay well and be safe! These are challenging times for the whole world. 🌏😷
*Mari Williams*
*Junior Researcher*
*Wilkes Institute for Environmental Sciences and Sustainability*
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